A Beacon for Ethical Digital Operations

ThreeFold Cloud is a vision for a digital realm that champions ethical, responsible, and community-driven operations. Our mission is to make ThreeFold Cloud the go-to platform for conscientious individuals and organizations, ensuring it remains a space free from malicious intent.

the Cloud

The digital landscape is ready for a transformative cloud solution. Presently, dominant cloud platforms like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are centralized. Yet, a significant portion of the global population remains underserved, lacking robust internet access and proximate data and computing resources.

Enter ThreeFold. Over the past five years, we've been pioneering technology that facilitates the global distribution of compute, storage, and network capacity. While our current reach might not rival giants like Google, the potential of our approach is groundbreaking. The ThreeFold Grid, our foundational infrastructure, operates on principles distinct from conventional cloud giants.

Based in Dubai, ThreeFold Cloud is now delivering services on top of this grid. Yet, it ensures that every user retains complete control and access to their deployed workloads.



Guarding Against Criminals

We are deeply committed to maintaining the integrity of the ThreeFold Cloud. Recognizing the potential risks of the digital age, we are implementing robust governance mechanisms to deter and prevent criminal activities. Our aim is to ensure that the cloud remains a safe, secure, and trustworthy environment for all its users.

Decentralization at Its Core

Centralized systems often become breeding grounds for power imbalances and potential misuse. To counteract this, ThreeFold Cloud is designed with decentralization as a foundational principle. This approach not only enhances security and resilience but also ensures that power and control are equitably distributed among its community.



Empowering Open-Source

Understanding the transformative potential of open-source projects, we've established a treasury, enriched with ThreeFold tokens and other digital currencies. This treasury is not just a financial reserve; it's a testament to our commitment to fostering innovation. Developers and innovators who share our vision and wish to contribute to the ThreeFold Cloud ecosystem can be rewarded from this treasury. Whether it's by building new solutions, enhancing existing ones, or assisting ThreeFold Cloud customers, we aim to incentivize and support community-driven development.

ThreeFold DMCC: The Driving Force

ThreeFold Cloud operates under the umbrella of ThreeFold DMCC, a company based in one of the best regulated economic free zones in Dubai. This strategic positioning allows us to tap into the dynamic and innovative environment of the region, fostering growth and expansion of the ThreeFold Grid.

ThreeFold DMCC is not just our corporate identity; it's the hub from which we manage and operate essential community tools. This includes platforms like our dedicated forum, where users, developers, and enthusiasts can engage in meaningful discussions, share insights, and collaborate on projects. Additionally, our websites, which serve as the primary interface for our audience to learn about and interact with our offerings, are also managed from this central point.

ThreeFold DMCC is the organizational backbone, ensuring smooth operations, community engagement, and the continuous scaling of the ThreeFold Grid.