A transformative autonomous cloud solution for a new digital era. Built by ThreeFold.

ThreeFold Cloud is more than a technological platform – it's a movement. A movement towards a digital future where ethics, community, and innovation coalesce to create a cloud that truly serves the greater good.

Initial Solutions

Meet the suite of initial solutions to be available on the ThreeFold Cloud.


Web Services

Catering to the foundational needs of modern businesses and individuals, ThreeFold Cloud supports the deployment of websites and a variety of open-source applications.


Private AI Clouds

Own your AI model, and ensure it remains unbiased. Collaborate with peers, friends, or colleagues to create and control AI solutions that truly serve your needs without external influences.


Personal BTC & Lightning Nodes

Allowing users to engage in faster, more scalable Bitcoin transactions. This is crucial as the demand for efficient Bitcoin transactions grows.


Personal Blockchains

Recognizing the growing importance of decentralized ledger technologies, TF Cloud provides the tools and infrastructure for uses to deploy their own blockchain solutions seamlessly.


Personal 3Bot

Your digital "right hand," capable of managing a range of tasks. With 3Bot, deploying solutions on the cloud becomes a breeze, streamlining the process and ensuring efficiency and reliability.


Virtual Data Center

The more advanced workloads, allowing people to deploy any IT workload on the grid using state of the art self-healing management techniques.

Unique Features

ThreeFold Cloud introduces a groundbreaking approach to autonomous cloud management, revolutionizing the way we perceive and interact with cloud services.


Chat Management

The primary mode of interaction for most users will be the chat interface. This allows users to communicate with their 3Bot using conversational language. The system will be multilingual, accommodating users from various linguistic backgrounds.



Beyond conventional languages, ThreeFold Cloud introduces 3Script, a high-level cloud language. It's designed to be straightforward, with basic constructs that simplify the process of setting up and managing your cloud resources.



With more than 30,000 GPUs available on the ThreeFold Grid, the underlying infrastructure behind TF Cloud, ...



The ThreeFold Grid is equipped with 40,000+ vCPUs, ...



Each user has their own 3Bot, a personal digital asssitant to oversee your cloud workloads. Only you, via your 3Bot, have access to your workloads, ensuring both privacy and ease of use.


Integrated DNS

TF Cloud comes with an integrated Domain Name System, meaning ...