404 - The Internet is Broken

The current internet infrastructure is based on hyper-scale data centers that cannot meet a lot of the problems the internet is facing today.


The Environment Demands It

Data centers are neither scalable nor efficient and consume up to 10% world’s electricity today. The huge constructions are almost always built to service current users even better, but fail to reach remote areas and emerging markets. The ThreeFold Grid uses up to 10 times less power to run infrastruce. The decentralized nature of the ThreeFold Grid allows for capacity to be put on the grid anywhere where there network infrastructure and stable power supply.

The Technology Demands It

Modern day technologies like 5G, IOT, AI,... demand more cloud resources near end-users. The central datacenter approach can't keep up with this deman. The ThreeFold Grid can cater to all the needs these industries as the decentralized nature of the the grid puts the capacity near the end user.

The People Demand It

Thanks to the help of multiple documentaries (The Social Dilemma, The Great Hack, etc) it has become apparent to the masses that things need to change if we want to allow the internet to play such a big role in our lives.